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Personal Develoment - Take Charge of your Life
"The mind is everything. What you think you become."


As you are a Spiritual being on this earthly plane, your purpose is to taste, feel, see, hear and touch life through your physical body. All life's experiences are necessary and in the absolute, there is no right or wrong. They just are. Some circumstances endow your spirit or soul with tunes of happiness and serenity. Others bring leaden tones of resentment, hate, fear or anger darkening the Soul. This absence of light and heaviness in your Soul are lessons for the Soul urging you to pulsate with the purer tones of compassion, appreciation, happiness, love, understanding or kindness - resonances necessary for your evolution, expansion and ascension. The collective vibrations of your experiences, memories, thoughts, words and emotions compose the melody of your Soul playing softly to a listening Universe.  Development is a life journey because you are evolving with changing circumstances and relationships.
Take the time for self-reflection: Liberate your deepest aspirations, kindle your qualities and embrace your values, free from judgement. 

Take charge of your life by acknowledging your current thoughts and convictions. Then change your thoughts; change your life.
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